NEX Advisory Boards


U.S. Office Advisory Board

李德財院士 Dr. Der-Tsai Lee
榮譽顧問 Honorable Advisor / Taipei

李漢銘 Dr. Hahn-Ming Lee
顧問 Advisor / Taipei

卓政宏 Dr. Cheng-Hong Cho
顧問 Advisor / Taipei

杜奕瑾 Ethan Tu
顧問 Advisor / Taipei

張培鏞 Perry Chang
顧問 Advisor / Taipei

James Chen
顧問 Advisor / Seattle

葉子聖 Irving Ye
顧問 Advisor / Taipei


Taiwan Office Supervisory Board

卓政宏 Dr. Cheng-Hong Cho
顧問 Advisor / Taipei

Dr. mei

梅興 Dr. Hsing Mei
監事 Supervisor / Taipei

陳凱翔 Kevin Chen
監事 Supervisor / Taipei

NEX Teams


U.S. & Taiwan Offices Leadership Team

陳浩維 Hao-Wei Chen
董事長 President / Seattle

Hao-Wei is an information security professional and a passionate nonprofit entrepreneur, with a lifelong thirst for technology and community building. He has established multinational nonprofit groups and is leading the efforts to pursue their high-impact missions. Hao-Wei holds MS in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University, and Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from Fu Jen Catholic University.

宋雲喬 Joe Sung
副董事長 Vice President / Seattle

Graduated from National Taiwan University and Carnegie Mellon University, Joe holds a Master’s Degrees in Business Management and Computer Science. He has rich experience in tech industry from East Coast to West Coast. Currently he is devoting to the development of AI technology at Microsoft, and he also serves as the Vice President at NEX Foundation.

鄭羽珊 Kris Cheng
董事財務長 Treasurer & Director of Finance / Pittsburgh

Kris is Treasurer and Finance Director of NEX Foundation. She has over 6 years of experience in nonprofit operations and finance. Kris is also the Finance Director at Contemporary Craft, an art nonprofit organization in Pittsburgh, PA. She has various experiences serving on the Board of Directors at local arts organizations. She holds a BS in Accounting from National Taiwan University and a master degree in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

司徒會盈 Michelle Szu Tu
董事秘書兼人資長 Secretary & Director of HR / Seattle

Michelle is a HR professional with a true understanding of globalisation in modern manpower. Borned in Taiwan, grew up in New Zealand, lived in Dubai and worked in Tokyo. Now she calls U.S. her home. Michelle is passionate about equal pay, diversity and believes that the only business is people. She now serves as board member and Director of HR at NEX Foundation.

黃懷萱 Zara Huang
董事兼公關總監 Board Member & Director of PR & Marketing / Seattle

Zara is PR Director of NEX Foundation. She has over 6 years of experience in strategic communications. She is also the Global PR Manager at Dragonchain, a Seattle-based blockchain company. She holds an MBA in global business management from National Taiwan University. As an agile collaborator with a global perspective, Zara has assisted from startups to a Reuters ranked Top 100 Global Tech Company.

葉妍希 Ava Yeh
董事兼專案總監 Board Member & Director of Project Management / London

Graduated from National Chiao-Tung University, lived and worked in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, and UK in the past ten years, Ava brings her international and multi-industry experience in Finance, Product and Strategy to NEX Foundation. Ava holds a MS in Finance from Johns Hopkins University and MBA from Cambridge University. As a team player and thought leader, Ava currently looks after Amazon Alexa Skill’s business operations & programs in Europe.

謝宗廷 Aaron Hsieh
董事兼理事長(臺灣法人) Board Member & Head of Taiwan Office / Taipei

Aaron is a professional web developer and world explorer; co-founder of and Taiwanese Engineers in UK club (TEiUK). After graduating from National Taiwan University, he started his own startup right away although failed. He then moved to London and led a development team in a startup to scale from pre-A to series B. He is passionate about helping introverts to strive and grow in the world. From Siberia, Himalaya, to Bolivia, after traveling to 30+ countries in the past 2 years, he is still on the road.

江謝文騰 Wen Chiang
財務長(臺灣法人) Director of Finance (Taiwan Office) / Taipei

Wen grew up in Taiwan and had little exposure to the English language or American culture. Despite these difficulties, his obsession with different perspectives led him to become a senior auditor at Ernst and Young in the US. By observing nuances that can make or break interpersonal interactions, he developed skills that allowed him to build rapport with clients as well as team members hailing from different backgrounds. He now brings these skills to people who are looking to pave a path forward in international business settings.

蔡璧徽 Sylvia Tsai
法務長 Legal General Counsel / New York

Sylvia is the partner at Geng & Associates, PC, an established law firm in NYC, and is affiliated with many non-profit organizations local and global. She graduated from New York University School of Law, and possesses a Master of Law for Science and Technology Degree from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, and a Bachelor’s Degree from National Cheng Chi University. She authored some legal publications in books or journals, with her practice specialized in Civil Litigation and Intellectual Property. As an audacious woman not afraid to challenge the status quo, Sylvia hopes that female professionals have a voice in every discipline.

彭德仁 D.J. Peng
法務長(臺灣法人) Director of Legal (Taiwan Office) / Taipei

D.J. is a transnational and transdisciplinary attorney practicing law in Taiwan. In addition to lawyering, he helps law students to plan for studying and working in the States on the basis of his own experience and connections. D.J. received his law degrees from New York University and Nat’l Tsing Hua University. He also attended Nat’l Chung Hsing University and Nat’l Sun Yat-sen University for undergraduate and graduate studies of bioscience.

蔡承勳 Jack Tsai
研發長 Director of Engineering / Seattle

Graduated from University of Washington, Jack has started working in the startup world for more than 5 years. He started as a full stack developer at a startup, and worked his way up to senior software development engineer. Throughout Jack’s career, he has always worked in fast paced environment which has driven him to adapt and learn fast. Beside the technical skill set with software development, Jack is trained and experienced in leadership, sales, and team management through working with nonprofit organizations.

游雁婷 Yen-Ting Yu
人資長(臺灣法人) Director of HR (Taiwan Office) / Taipei

Yenting is an HR professional with strong passion for organizational change management and sustainability. After she graduated from National Chengchi University with a double major in Japanese and Communication, she lived and worked in Japan for years. Yenting currently works as an HR Business Partner in Taipei, and brings international experience in HR to NEX Foundation.

翁琬柔 Joyce Weng
副總編輯 Vice Chief Editor / New York

Joyce is a professional journalist who speaks English, Mandarin, and Japanese. She has covered a variety major news, including Inter-Korea summit in 2018, Impeachment of Park Geun-Hye in 2017, Inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016. Joyce holds a MS in Media Design from Keio University, and a MS in Media Management from Fordham University.

李育青 Yu-Ching Lee
行銷長(臺灣法人)Director of Marketing (Taiwan Office)  / Taipei

Based in Taipei, graduated from National Chengchi University with Japanese major. Lived in Takarazuka, Osaka, and Kyoto for almost 5 years, Yuching expands connections and experiences Japanese working and living culture from time to time. Yuching is a passionate learner and stay curious about strategic thinking of marketing. Now she wishes to deliver what she obtained from working overseas to the local community in Taiwan through NEX Foundation.

楊舒嵐 Abby Yang
秘書長(臺灣法人) Secretary General of Taiwan Office / Taipei

Based in Taipei, graduated from National Taiwan Normal University of information and computer education. Software quality control and user experiences improvement were her previous job in Synology Inc. Now she dedicates herself to NEX foundation in product management, and she arranges events for Taiwanese local talents to connect to global workforce. She is also the leading role helping with NEX Taiwan office setup preparation.

林玥妏 Yueh-Wen Lin
副行銷長 Associate Director of Marketing / New York

Yueh Wen is a marketing professional with passion about entrepreneurship. She has more than four years experience working in different startups and accelerators. Besides work, she enjoys traveling and manages a personal blog, sharing her travel experience around the world. Yueh Wen holds a MS in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College, and a BS in Information Management and Finance from National Chiao Tung University.


Team Specialists

黃宇亨 Derrick Hwang
Front End Engineer / Seattle

林起 Benny Lin
Front End Engineer / Bay Area

陳劭恩 Shao-En Chen
Front End Engineer / Seattle

林知穎 Jasmine Lin
UX Designer / Seattle

黃泓勳 Darren Huang
Digital Marketer / New York

謝孟蓉 Jamie Hsieh
Graphic Designer / Seattle

張家綺 Inés Chang
Development Manager / Taipei

吳致緯 Daniel Wu
Product Manager / Los Angeles

黃一淨 I-Cheng Huang
Editor / New York

林薇 Vivi Lin
Editor / Edinburgh

王嘉田 Greg Wang
Community Manager / Taipei